Alabama Gets The Nod Over Ohio State

Jonathan Grant | December 4th, 2017

One of the most anticipated days in the college football season is selection sunday.

Last year, the Ohio State Buckeyes watched on as Penn State took home the Big Ten championship, only for the Nittany Lions to be left out of the college football playoff.

This year, in what seemed like the a paralleled situation, Alabama watched on as Ohio State took home the Big Ten championship while they were left out of the SEC championship.

The debate came down the Crimson Tide and Buckeyes.

Clemson, Oklahoma and Georgia all secured spots in the playoff with conference championship wins. What made this situation unique, however, was the Buckeyes had two losses, the latter coming in blowout fashion when they lost to Iowa 55-24 on the road.

Alabama, on the other hand, was a team that was questioned more about their lack of big wins rather than the losses on their resume. While the Buckeyes had wins over Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin and Michigan State, the best win that the Crimson Tide had on their resume was LSU.

This really came down to what the committee placed emphasis on: big wins or less losses. They chose the latter and as a result, the Buckeyes were left out.

Neither team can complain about being left out (If Alabama was hypothetically to be left out), especially Ohio State. The Buckeyes were in the exact situation that the Crimson Tide were last year and they were the one that got in while Penn State was left out.

This year, they win the conference championship as a two-loss team and are left out while the Crimson Tide, a one-loss team just like the Buckeyes were last year, get into the College Football Playoff.

Both teams left doubt when it came to the committee selection. It could have went either way, but no one should point fingers because both teams did not do enough to solidify them a guaranteed spot on the College Football Playoff.

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