Anthony One Step Closer to Free Agency According to Sources

Jonathan Grant | July 20th, 2018

Just when we all thought that the NBA’s off season couldn’t get any more hectic, we’ve been proven wrong. LeBron James has joined the Los Angeles Lakers, Kawhi Leonard has been traded to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan, and apparently Carmelo Anthony is headed to the Atlanta Hawks? Yes, you read that right. The Atlanta Hawks. The team where superstars go to die. But there is much, much more to this trade than meets the eye.

The Hawks, needing to dump point guard Dennis Schroder for a number of reasons, are looking favorably at this deal. By trading the man that is dealing with a felony charge for battery, Atlanta are actually saving money. Carmelo will actually end up being cheaper for them over the long run. There’s more, though. Carmelo will not be playing a game for the Hawks. Instead, he will be waived first thing so that he can go into free agency and pick his team.

It makes cents all around for these teams. Oklahoma City could have just taken the cap hit themselves, but instead have brought in a young player with potential in Schroder that could turn out good if his case goes well. Atlanta dump a player that is going to simply not lead THAT team anywhere in order to get a draft pick. Those are very necessary nowadays, and that’s got to be viewed as the Hawk’s only shot of landing a legitimate superstar player. And for Carmelo, this means he gets to make a choice on his own. That choice is going to be rather interesting.

Reports continue to believe he is headed toward the Houston Rockets and a chance to win an NBA Championship ring. But there is always a chance he could do the ridiculous and end up somewhere else simply because he wants to be “the guy” and make max money again. That somewhere else would be Miami most likely. We all know what this decision is about, but we will not know just who he has decided upon until it is officially announced. Until then, we’ll continue to anticipate what exactly he is going to do in order to change the league.

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