Baker Mayfield Wins 2017 Heisman Trophy

Jonathan Grant | December 10th, 2017

Four years ago, Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield was a walk-on. Now, he holds the most prestigious award in all of college football as he was awarded the Heisman Trophy last night.

This has come after a controversial, but extremely successful season.

One one hand, the senior quarterback has totaled 4,340 passing yards on a 71 percent completion percentage. He also thrown 41 total touchdowns and only five interceptions

On the other hand, he has had multiple points where his character has been questioned. One incident came against the Ohio State Buckeyes when he toured the shoe with the OU flag and pierced it in the center afterwards right in the middle of the Ohio State logo.

The other incident game later on in the season, when Mayfield was making what some called obscene gestures towards the Kansas players after they refused to shake the Oklahoma Captains hands during the coin-toss.

Was Mayfield in right in what he did? Probably not.

But he owned up to his actions every time something happened. Moreover, this is reveals Mayfield’s competitive nature that is unparalleled to anyone else out there.

Regardless, Mayfield was the most deserving candidate for the Heisman. Standord’s Bryce Love and last year’s winner in Louisville’s Lamar Jackson were also in attendance last night. Penn State running back Saquon Barkley was not invited to the ceremony, something that many felt was unfair to him.

While Mayfield has won the highest award in college football, not everyone saying his game will translate over to the NFL level. Many think that Mayfield does not have the size and athleticism to be a quarterback in the NFL.

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