Bowen Calls Out Leonard, Questions Those Around Him

Jonathan Grant | June 23rd, 2018

For the first few years of his NBA career, it appeared that Kawhi Leonard would be the next Tim Duncan. Like Duncan, the San Antonio Spurs forward has always been more of the type to let his talk be done on the court, rather than in the media. Very rarely do you hear from him, and that is one of the reasons he has been such a good fit for the Spurs. The fact that he’s also able to impact a game on both ends of the court on a night-to-night basis, when healthy, has also caused him to be one of the game’s most wanted and valuable commodities.

But all of that has been thrown into question over the last few months, with this injury controversy surrounding both him and the team. Due to that, many are believing, and some are reporting, that the former San Diego Aztec is looking to go to Los Angeles. Whether that is the case or not is yet to be seen, but one thing that is sure to be of interest is what Bruce Bowen had to say about him. The former Spur, a three-time NBA Champion and one of the best defenders in this century, has called Leonard into question.

First of all, Bowen has stated that Leonard has not spoken to anyone about whether or not he is happy in San Antonio, despite all of the reports. This seems to be consistent with what we have seen from Leonard, a subdued superstar, in the past. But it is strange because everyone has opinions, and you’ve got to believe he has had conversations with someone with the Spurs in the past. If he’s truly not happy, it will affect things greatly.

Perhaps the most important factor mentioned by Bowen is that he believes Leonard is not listening to the right people. Bowen said he is getting bad advice, something all of us have experience with at one time or another, and that it is influencing his actions. This whole ordeal is going to have a major influence on the NBA this summer, as many have tipped other free agents- most notably LeBron James- to have their decision swayed by whatever outcome takes place revolving Leonard, the Spurs, and wherever he is headed to next.

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