Browns Looking at Possibility of Signing Dez Bryant

Jonathan Grant | July 25th, 2018

Given the recent news surrounding the Cleveland Browns and its wide receiver core, it should come as no surprise that the team are looking at ways to bolster this options. Star wide out Josh Gordon, who is going through a personal treatment plan at the moment, is out for an unknown amount of time. While fellow receiver Ricardo Louis is set to miss the entirety of the season. That means they are thin, and they are apparently looking at ways to solve that issue.

One such way is the possible signing of Dez Bryant. The former Dallas Cowboys man was cut earlier this year by the team after he had spent eight seasons with them, starting each game last season for them. He had had quite the journey with the team, but it was still a bit of a surprise to see him let go by ‘America’s Team.’ That gives Cleveland a real chance to add a piece to their team that could help them in their quest to get out of the cellar.

They’ve won just one game in the last two seasons combined, with the last win coming under a quarterback that now happens to play for the worst team in Canada. Bryant would be a huge statement for them because he would be an excellent second, or maybe even third option. It might take some talking him into, but if he were not the only big threat on the field, he could do a lot of damage against the weaker of two cornerbacks on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, it would be a good idea for the Browns to not depend so much on Gordon. It is hard to not back him, especially after consistently doing it time and time again for so long, but they have to realize at some point that he is not the best bet for their future. Bryant is not a long term fix by any means, but he would represent a shift toward pragmatism and would offer them a chance to build a more consistent all-around team that is not solely focused on Gordon and his health issues.

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