Budweiser Produces Another Meaningful Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl is known as one of the most watched events in the world, both because of the magnitude of the game itself and also because of the great commercials that are showcased doing it.


Budweiser has been known for being one of the companies to produce best commercials for the event, but recently they have changed their approach in producing them. Instead of taking the comical route, the past two years Budweiser has elected to show what their company really is about.

Last year, they took a social stance on all the backlash immigration reform was receiving by showing their roots of their company and the immigrants that started it.

This year, they took a similar approach but steered clear of political issues.

The commercial this year was not staged at all, it’s based off of real people and real stories.

“It’s a real story,” Ricardo Marques, Budweiser’s vice president of marketing, tells USA TODAY Sports. “It’s about our people. We don’t have actors in this spot. We only have the passion of it.”

The story is based out of one of the Budweiser breweries in Cartersville, GA. Of course, they brew beer here, but they also 79 million cans of water over the past thirty years to areas of the world affected by natural disasters.

While it is always great to have funny commercials in the Super Bowl, it’s great to see companies producing really meaningful commercials that give back to their history.

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