Carmelo On the Verge of Exit From Oklahoma City

Jonathan Grant | July 7th, 2018

It’s long been a gag now that Carmelo Anthony’s NBA career has been all about making money. The former New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets man has constantly chosen to make money, no fault there, over having the chance to win titles. He did so for years and years in New York. However, all of that could be set to change now with word coming down that the Oklahoma City Thunder are planning to part ways with the former Syracuse forward.

Anthony, clearly, did not like the way the team used him last season. He went on record as saying such, but still, ever the businessman that he is, he chose to exercise his option. That will make a decent chunk of change that the Thunder are likely to pay him even in spite of moving him away. This makes sense, though, for them as they get rid of a problem maker and are able to spread out the hit over three years. It could just about give them the stability that is needed to challenge out in the Western Conference once again.

Clutch Points

As for Anthony, his choice is going to be an interesting one. Who does he want to play with? And will he take a bit of a pay cut in order to do it? He definitely does not need to. There are still teams in the league willing to bring him in as a marquee player without hopes of winning much. But if he wants to win a championship before retirement, his time could be now. Possible landing spots are in Houston and Los Angeles, with LeBron.

Other big contenders don’t make much sense, and they wouldn’t enjoy having him around at any rate. In Houston, he’d pair up with Chris Paul and James Harden. In a team like that, similar to a makeup of the Olympic Dream Team in which he so often excelled, he could work wonders. Or he could go to LA to play with LeBron and the Lakers on a team that is going to be very much a mystery in the earlier stages. Either of those choices would be good ones in the pursuit of a ring, but will it be about that or just the bottom line this go around?

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