Rosen Traded To Miami

We still don’t know if Josh Rosen is going to be a big player or not yet, but we now know for a fact that he will no longer be a member of the Arizona Cardinals. Just hours after they used the #1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft on QB Kyler Murray, Rosen was dealt to the Miami Dolphins.


The Dolphins decided to make the move for the one-year Cardinals starter after having freed up space for a quarterback earlier in the offseason. They gave up a second round pick, which ended up being wide receiver Andy Isabella, and will also be shipping a fifth round pick in next year’s draft. Not bad for Miami, really, seeing as how they just got last year’s #10 selection.

Murray Highlights NFL Draft As #1 Pick

The NFL Draft is well known for being a time of change- positive and negative- for all of its respective teams. The Arizona Cardinals are hoping that it’s the former that occurs after they took a ‘small’ gamble on Kyler Murray by taking him number one overall. The reigning Heisman winner out of Oklahoma becomes the second QB that the Cardinals have taken in the first round in two years, and will now set about changing widely accepted facts about the position. His size has been called into question constantly, so that is going to be a factor in his success- or lack thereof. Will he be the starter of the future, or will he regret not taking the money with the Oakland A’s? Only time will tell.

Washington Post

There were other highlights from the Round 1 of the Draft in Nashville, including Nick Bosa going number two. Widely believed to be the best player overall available, the former Ohio State defensive end fell to the San Francisco 49ers by virtue of Murray being picked by Kingsbury and co. Heads turned a little when it was announced that the New York Giants had taken a QB, but it should come as no shock. They took Daniel Jones, fresh out of Duke, at number six to address the soon (surely) need. And then there was Dwayne Haskins, who played a role similar to Aaron Rodgers’ years ago as he slid down to hometown team Washington at pick #15. He simply stated that “the league done messed up.”

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Browns in Prime Time

The NFL released its schedule for the 2019-2020 season on Wednesday in full, and the biggest takeaway is the fact that the Cleveland Browns- yes the Browns- will be featured on Monday Night Football or Sunday Night Football four times.

Bleacher Report

This is notable because they had only appeared in a prime time slot 11 times in the past decade, less than any other team in the league. Three of those games will be in the first five weeks. One of the telling games of the season could come in Week 14 when the Patriots meet the Chiefs, with home field advantage possibly being on the line with the playoffs looming.

Wilson Gets Paid

It looks like Russell Wilson is about to get paid. At least according to sources, that is. The Seattle Seahawks and the Super Bowl-winning QB have, reportedly, agreed to a four year deal that will see him make $140 million. Nearly half of it is supposedly going to be a signing bonus.

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This makes him the highest paid QB in the business, ahead of Aaron Rodgers in both overall money and the bonus. Had the deal not been completed soon, Wilson was planning on letting his contract run down and then holding talks next season- with only one year left on it. Apparently that was not what the team wanted!

Barnes Stays Put

After guiding Tennessee to one of its most successful seasons ever on the men’s side of college basketball, Rick Barnes found himself with a tough choice to make. Leave the Volunteers and head out west to start building a team at UCLA or stick with the team he had already assembled.

Naismith Trophy

Despite being offered a reported $5 million, not including any incentives mind you, from the Bruins, Barnes has chosen to stay in Knoxville. Barnes, formerly of Texas, won the Naismith Coach of the Year Award a couple of days ago for taking the Vols to the #1 ranking for a month this past season. He also oversaw them going from 15 wins a year ago to 31. It was paramount they kept him, and they have managed to do just that.

Jets Get an Updated Look

Usually this wouldn’t be the place to talk about uniforms, but seeing as how the New York Jets haven’t had a change in 20 years, this is well worth a mention. When they take to the field next season, they will be hoping the new unis breathe new life and confidence into them under new head coach Adam Gase.

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The crisp, clean jerseys certainly look good, but only time will tell if they are going to help them team play well out on the field. It will also be interesting to see if this starts a trend with other teams changing theirs as well.

AAF Suspended

It’s a sad day for anyone associated with the AAF and anyone that loves football in general as the fledgling league has officially shut down operations eight games through a ten game season. This comes after a large amount of cash was floated to the organization by Tom Dundon, who essentially took over the league, decided to call it quits.

Los Angeles Times

There had been rumors that they could not make payroll back then, and this pretty much confirms that idea. This ends many players dreams of playing pro football, whether it was their only chance or their second or third chances. This might be a hilarious moment to some, but in reality, it was going to be a way for more people to make money in football. Now that that is gone it’s a sad moment.

NFL Allowing Interference Reviews Now

It’s good and bad news for the New Orleans Saints and their fans. Pass interference can not be reviewed beginning in 2019, but it is still too late to overturn their loss to the LA Rams in the NFC Championship Game a couple of months back.

New Orleans Saints

This comes after relentless pressure from fans and coaches around the league, who craved a change to the way things were done. Now, coaches will be able to challenge a no-call. In the final two minutes of games, it will automatically go to the booth to ensure that no such occurrence is able to happen again.

NFL Schedule Released

The NFL schedule for next season has been released, at least in part, and as always fans have started to look at it to try and get a look at what is to come. The first game of the season will features the Packers against the Bears, an age old rivalry.

Baltimore Sun

The defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, sans the retired Rob Gronkowski, will open up on the first weekend on Sunday Night Football by taking on a yet to be determined team. This is smart marketing by the NFL. By doing these sorts of things, they always keep the league at the forefront of the news and give people a little bit of something to talk about.

Gronk Calling Time

After winning the Super Bowl last month, Rob Gronkowski has decided to call time on his storied NFL career. The New England Patriots tight end announced his retirement on Instagram, because of course he did, after a career in which he had 79 touchdowns since being drafted in 2010, the most receptions of any other player in that span.

He had talked about hanging up his cleats prior to the playing of the Super Bowl, and this is now only confirmation from the three-time Super Bowl winner. He’s retiring on top, but you better believe that the party is only just starting for him.