CFP Top 10 Unchanged, Warriors Suspend Green and Win, Chiefs-Rams Moved from Mexico City

Jonathan Grant | November 14th, 2018

It’s still very early in the history of the College Football Playoff, but on Tuesday an important milestone was reached. The Committee decided to keep all top ten teams ranked just as they were a week ago, something that had not previously been done by them. That means that the top four remain as follows: Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Michigan. Each of the front three are a perfect 10-0, while Michigan has a 9-1 record with the loss coming against Notre Dame. Georgia, Oklahoma, LSU, Washington State, West Virginia, and Ohio State once again completes the top ten list. One tidbit that is of interest is the fact that UCF have moved up one place to eleventh in the rankings. Below them, virtually everyone has more than one loss when they don’t even have one, so they might once again feel a big cheap on their shoulders. The Committee did point toward more of a debate over the one and two spots, but they still stated that everyone liked the Tide at #1, a distinction they have now held 15 of the 28 times this list has been released.

Elsewhere, the Golden State Warriors played host to the Atlanta Hawks in NBA action. And to be completely honest, the game was never going to capture the imagination. The Hawks are perennial losers, while the Warriors are the opposite of that. The Hawks did a good job keeping it close, but in the end Kevin Durant led the Warriors to a 110-103 win with 29 points. They did so with Steph Curry (injury) and Draymond Green (who was suspended for his argument with Durant in the last game). That was the big news, and it will be very, very interesting to see how the team responds over the long haul to this whole saga that Durant told the media would be settled “in-house.”

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And last but not least is news that this Monday’s game in Mexico City has been moved by the NFL to Los Angeles. The L.A. Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs, each with a record of 9-1, will be meeting in a potential Super Bowl preview, but it won’t be at the Estadio Azteca after officials decided to move the game elsewhere due to wear and tear. The rain, as well as the other obligations like soccer and concerts, has destroyed the field, and players were not too happy about the prospect of playing on it. Now, there is no reason at all to not be excited for this game!

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