CFP Top Eight Sees No Changes, Tiger and Phil Make Side Bet, Wizards Make Big Comeback

Jonathan Grant | November 21st, 2018

For the third straight week, the College Football Playoff ranking’s top eight teams remain unchanged. Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma, LSU, and Washington State keep their spots for another week. But there is some big news to come out of this week’s rankings, and it revolves around UCF. After getting an impressive primetime win over Cincinnati on Saturday night, the Knight have moved into the top ten at #9. This is the very first time that a Group of 5 school has cracked the top ten in this era, and it also means- at least for a week- that they are ranked above Ohio State at #10. There are still a ton of dominoes that would need to fall in order for them to have a legit chance of making the list of four schools to play for the title, but it is major progress to be sure.

On to the Phil Mickelson vs Tiger Woods clash that is slated to happen later this week. The two most recognizable golfers in the world will be meeting a $9 million winner-take-all affair on Friday at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, and they are doing their best to make it feel like a ‘big fight.’ In addition to having a stare down and throwing jabs at one another in a press conference, the two have already made a side bet that will kick off the event on the first hole. Mickelson, claiming he will definitely make birdie on that hole, said he would put $100K on the line. Woods immediately responding, saying to double it, and claiming that Phil will not make the birdie. So, we haven’t even started yet, and there is an additional $200K on the line. Get your popcorn ready, it’s going to get good.

As for as actual action goes, there were just four NBA games on Tuesday night, but the one that is of the most interest saw the Washington Wizards- in a poor period to be fair- come back from 24 points down to defeat the Los Angeles Clippers 125-118 at home. John Wall (30), Bradley Beal (27), and Jeff Green (20) all had big points nights to help the Wiz claw their way back into a game that the Clippers had no real business losing. The win sees them improve to just 6-11, and the Clippers fall to the inverse, 11-6, as a result of the poor performance in the second half. While there is still a lot to fix for the Wizards, this has to be viewed as a major win that could kick start them in the right direction. Wizards
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