Dodgers Use Home Runs to Overcome Mets in Thriller

Jonathan Grant | June 25th, 2018

The Los Angeles Dodgers accomplished something on Sunday that very few teams have ever been able to manage in the Major Leagues in this, or any era. With the Arizona Diamondbacks surging to a fourth straight win, they could have been left behind by their rivals in the National League West without a win. Instead, the Dodgers used the long ball to collect a sweep of the Mets to remain 2.5 games back, just close enough to keep the Dodgers on their toes.

How did they do it? Well, they really did do it via the home run. The Dodgers used seven, yes seven, solo homers to help them to an 8-7 win over the New York Mets. Since 1900, few teams have managed to hit seven solo home runs in a game. The last to do so came back in 2016 when the Toronto Blue Jays pulled off such a feat. The team record for the Dodgers is eight, done back in 2002, but neither of those games were quite like this one.

After so many home runs (six), it still required late heroics by Justin Turner at Citi Field. After a horrid start to the series where he only had one hit in nine appearances at the plate in games one and two, Turner was given the day off. However, with the game tied in extras, he was called upon to pinch hit. And boy was he good in a pinch, hitting the team’s seventh home run, and giving them a one run win.

The win is the 12th in a row for the Dodgers over the Mets in the regular season, showing a real dominance over the New Yorkers, and it has seen them record yet another sweep over them. The Mets are tanking at the moment, having made a great start to the season. This was their sixth loss in a row and they have now lost 13 of their last 14 home games! The Dodgers, on the other hand, are prospering. They are 25-9 since the middle of May, the best mark in the MLB. They have came all the way back from ten games out in the division as a result of that run, and things are starting to look up for them.

Another major positive for them is that star pitcher Clayton Kershaw has returned. He pitched on Saturday for them in a decent showing, and that will only further fuel this team toward what should honestly be their division for the taking. No matter how you feel about his level of play in the postseason, his regular season stats have been astounding over his career, and his spot being filled in the rotation could prove crucial down the stretch as the Dodgers seek to complete this massive comeback.

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