FBI Finds Tie To Miles Bridges’ Mother In Michigan State Scandal

Jonathan Grant | February 23rd, 2018

Amidst one of the biggest scandals in NCAA history, more evidence has come to the surface by virtue of an FBI probe that tied to Cynthia Bridges, the mother of Michigan State basketball star Miles Bridges, to the investigation.

According to Yahoo! Sports, federal documents obtained by them tie Cynthia to Christian Dawkins, who is a former associate of NBA agent Andy Miller and his ASM Sports agency.

Dawkins is one of ten players who are under investigation by the FBI that uncovered fraud, bribery and and corruption dating back to the beginning of the school year. The U.S attorney general charged Dawkins with three counts of fraud and one count of money laundering in involvement with the Michigan State basketball program and its players.


As a part of NCAA rules, amateurs (college athletes) can not accept gifts from an agent or have an agent represent them in any way as they are not getting paid for playing a sport in college.

This comes amidst possibly an even bigger scandal at Louisville, where many coaches and people involved with the tea hired strippers for the basketball team and their incoming recruits.

Just earlier this week, the University was forced to vacate its 2015 championship and all its wins from 2012-2015 when they lost their appeal in the investigation. This marked the first time in modern NCAA basketball that a team has vacated a national championship.

In what was one of the most prestigious and morally upstanding athletic programs in the country, this investigation has come out of nowhere and will definitely have huge implications across this university’s sports going forward.

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