Becca Longo Could Be The First Female NFL Player

In April of 2017, signed a letter of intent to play football for Adams State University, a Division II school in Alamosa, Colorado, during a customary signing ceremony at her high school, Basha High School in Chandler, Arizona. It was at this event that Longo, age 18, learned that her athletic achievements have earned her a place in the history books. Her football coach, Gerald Todd, told the audience that day that when Longo picked up her pen to sign her letter of intent, she would become the first woman to play college football on a football scholarship at a Division II or higher school.

Longo heard this declaration the same time the audience did, and it shook her a bit. She knew that other women have played college football before her, but what she didn’t realize is that none of them were offered football scholarships. After the signing ceremony, she told reporters, “I didn’t know that until today. I’m just amazed.”
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