Following Peach Bowl Victory, UCF Claims They Won The National Championship

This Is something you don’t hear everyday.

No. 10 University of Central Florida, who defeated No. 7 Auburn 34-27 in the Peach Bowl, are claiming themselves as national champions despite not even making the college football playoff.

By no means was this a unilateral decision, UCF’s athletic director Danny White even supported this movement in full faith following one of the biggest wins in program history.

The words were just the start, now they have even changed their name to “2017 National Champions” on Twitter and planned a parade at Disney World on Sunday.

Of course, many are criticizing this team because they have not actually won a national championship and it will not be recognized by the NCAA. However, UCF is making their case known that they deserved to be in the playoff conversation.

Heading into the Peach Bowl, UCF was undefeated. They would complete their perfect 13-0 season by topping SEC powerhouse Auburn.

With this all being said, they were still on the far-outside looking in as they finished the season ranked No. 10 overall.

While the college football playoff is still in its early years, this win by UCF reinforces that there needs to be a larger pool competing for the national championship.

The solution?

To eliminate all controversy, it needs to be expanded to an eight team playoff. It would be composed of five teams who won the power five conferences and then the top three teams out of that pool that did not win their conference.

This would provide for much more entertainment and fairness to the college football national championship.

Moreover, it would provide college football with something it would never have in its national championship/playoff: a cinderella.

Why do we love march madness so much?

Because teams we have never heard of before shock the world and beat perennial powerhouses such as Duke, North Carolina and many other storied programs.

Everyone loves an underdog.

For now, the college football playoff will remain the same. At some point in the future, however, this change must occur.

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