Former Celtics Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Thomas Ejected Following Trash Talk

Both Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Thomas were, at times, some of the most dominant point guards in Celtics franchise history during their tenure there. However, they never played together and there were clearly some tensions between them when they took the court last night’s game in New Orleans.

The altercation started very small, and then erupted in what appeared to be a full on fight if they were not separated from each other.

They wasted no time, as they were both thrown out following the next in bounds pass where they got in each others faces.

It was clear that situation was not going to end well and the referees treated it accordingly. As mentioned by the Pelicans broadcast staff, it seemed that Rondo may have had some choice words for Thomas surrounding the tribute video he possibly could have received following being traded to the Cavaliers (and most recently, the lakers).

It was later reported that Rondo brought up the video early on in the game and that Thomas said that he was he let it go three times before he reacted back.

Regardless, this is all in the past and the players are on new teams and in completely different situations. Of course, there will always be old beef that comes back up, but this seems to be a very small matter to make this big of a scene over.

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