Golf Fan Prematurely Screams, Screws Up Tiger Woods’ Putt

Jonathan Grant | January 29th, 2018

Golf is one of the few sports out there where cheering is prohibited at certain times of the match, game etc.

Some people like it, some hate it, but it’s just one of those rules and etiquettes that has been part of the game forever.

Woods finished 3-under at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torey Pines, but most likely would have finished 4-under if it had not been for this one fan. It is clear that Woods stroke was affected by the scream.

However, these types of situations are always defined by the athlete’s reaction to what occurred. If you watch closely, none of the fans react until Woods shows that he was clearly frustrated with the timing of the scream.

Immediately after Woods’ reaction many fans yelled at the other fan saying “come on, man” and “throw him out.”

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