Jim McElwain Sells Florida Home To Family Of Kids With Disabilities For Discounted Price

Jonathan Grant | April 6th, 2018

Former Florida Gators head coach Jim McElwain sold his old house to a family with two children that had disabilities for a discounted price of $400,000 less than he bought it for.

Friday morning, Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times reported on the details of the offer.

McElwain, who is a native of Montana, was originally going to decline the offer because it was much lower than what he was asking for the house. However, after learning about the family and how perfect the house would be for them, McElwain decided to accept the offer.

“Because the McElwains have a good heart,” real estate agent Daurine Wehbe said about accepting the lower offer. “No one knows that. No one appreciates that.”


Rick Staab, who made the offer on the house, had been in the house for a charity dinner once before and kept in contact with McElwain ever since. He decided to make an offer once McElwain and Florida parted ways last October.

“This solves everything,” Staab said.

Ever since, McElwain has joined the Michigan Wolverines as their wide receivers coach under Jim Harbaugh.

In a time where college sports, and sports in general, are run by money. It is great to see a story like this. It reminds us what really matters.

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