John Elway Claims Kap Had a Chance to Be a Bronco

Jonathan Grant | August 17th, 2018

In what could be a pivotal comment in Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case against the NFL, John Elway stated that his team, the Denver Broncos, offered the quarterback a contract. He then went on to state that Kaepernick turned down the chance to play for them. Elway made these comments on Thursday, addressing whether or not Kap would be a viable option for the team in a time of need.

The reason he is being discussed, yet again, is because the Broncos are looking for a backup quarterback at the moment for starter Case Keenum. They had hoped that Paxton Lynch, drafted in 2016, would have been good enough by now to at least challenge for the top spot, but he has been demoted to third string once again. That means the team will have to look elsewhere in order to find a quarterback to ‘hold the clipboard.’

It’s looking like Chad Kelly will be the #2 at the moment, but it is very likely they will look somewhere else before locking him into the role. The reason indicated by Elway that a deal was not struck was money. The Broncos had negotiated with the San Francisco 49ers over a trade, and it sounds as if they had all but the finishing touches on it. However, the controversial QB did not want to take a pay cut in order to play for the Broncos, as they were wishing to cut it a little in order to accommodate him.

Elway has signed someone who turned him down before, in the form of Brock Osweiler, but it should be noted that we he did sign him, it ended up being for the league minimum. Given the nature of Kaepernick’s quest, he’s probably going to be offended if offered such a deal, as unlikely as one seems. This news, as stated before, could be pivotal to his case. Kaepernick has claimed that the NFL and its teams are working together to locking him out. If it’s found to be true that Elway had offered to bring him in, then his case loses a whole lot of steam in a hurry.

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