Kyrie Irving Expresses Concern For Milwaukee Bucks Retro Court

Jonathan Grant | October 27th, 2017

Celtics guard Kyrie Irving has been known to say some questionable things at times. Nothing controversial or morally incorrect, just things like the earth being flat which has been disproven by pretty much all science that exists today.

Last night, when the Celtics took on the Milwaukee Bucks, the Bucks changed their court out to resemble their old stadium, UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, known as the “Mecca.”

This is a special year for the Bucks organization as it is their 50th year in operation. They brought back the mecca styled court, which the Bucks played on from 1968-1988, to honor this achievement.

Prior to the game, Irving expressed his concern about the safety of the court.

“I know that this is a pretty older court. It looks like it’s freshly painted as well.”

While the court may have looked older, which was the purpose of bringing it back, it was a brand new floor and the Bucks made sure that this was known.

The court did not have much of an impact on the Celtics as they went on to win 96-89. Irving finished with 24 points and seven rebounds as well.

Any worries Irving had coming into the game were clearly not legitimate.

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