LeBron Beats Wade One Last Time, Seahawks Closing in On Playoffs

Jonathan Grant | December 11th, 2018

For the final time ever, unless some really strange things happen that is, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade met on Monday night in Los Angeles. And, of course, something memorable and special would occur. To begin with, the Lakers faithful applauded D-Wade onto the court when he checked into the game for the first time in the first quarter. The aging Wade then put in a typically good performance despite those legs slowing down with 15 points. But it was the three that he didn’t score that will leave people talking for years and years. With his Heat down 108-105, Wade got the ball at the three-point line and attempted a miraculous shot over, who else, but LeBron James. James’ presence caused the shot to miss rather badly, and in the scramble for the rebound, he also would grab the ball before launching it high into the air before being fouled by Wade as his former teammate embraced him. It’s a picture that should last quite a while, with the former NBA champions ending their final game against each other in a special way. The Heat were led by Justise Winslow’s 28 points, while the Lakers saw Kyle Kuzma keep up some fine play to score 33 points of his own in the victory.


There were few fireworks to be seen between the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks in the first three quarters of their game on Monday Night Football this week. A solitary Sebastian Janikowski field goal in the second quarter had the home team ahead 3-0 up until the fourth. Then things got a little crazy. Janikowski would kick another one to put his team up 6-0 early in the final period before the Vikings attempted their own field goal only to see Dan Bailey’s effort blocked by Bobby Wagner. This allowed the Seahawks to drive and score a touchdown and then add two more on the conversion to make it 14-0 and essentially end it. If it wasn’t over then, then it certainly was when Justin Coleman returned a fumble just seconds later, making it 21-0. The Vikings got a late consolation TD, but they wouldn’t be stopping the Seahawks’ winning streak, which is now at four and puts them on the cusp of the playoffs. As for Vikings, they just don’t look like they will make it. They’ve paid big money for Kirk Cousins, but he’s not working out for them and they find themselves well out of the divisional race at this point in the season.

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