LeBron James and Kevin Durant Say There Is A Long Way To Go To Ease Racial Tensions In USA

Jonathan Grant | February 16th, 2018

Many professional athletes and teams have said that they are against, and to not support, President Donald Trump due to his alienation and alleged racism of minority groups.

While the majority of the tension has surrounded Colin Kaepernick in his protest by kneeling for the national anthem, basketball has also been at the forefront of this argument. Two of the top players in the lague, LeBron James and Kevin Durant, have recently spoke out even further to address this issue

James said the president “is someone who doesn’t understand the people. And really doesn’t give a f— about the people.”

Just last year, James had his $20 million home in Los Angeles was vandalized with racist terms, something he said made him realize how big this problem really is.


“I’m a black man with a bunch of money and a crib in Brentwood, and having the n word spray painted over my gate, that lets you know I still have a lot of work to do,” James said.

“No matter how far you come,” James added, “there are always people who want to let you know that you are still beneath them. You either cave in to that notion or you say, you know what, I’m going to paint over this gate and make it taller.”

The scope of this problem starts from the top down, as Durant explained by relating it to his basketball career.

“What’s going on in our country,” Durant said, “it’s all about leadership. I learned that playing basketball. I learned a lot of life skills from playing basketball. You need to empower people, you need to encourage people. That’s what builds a great team. And I feel like our team, as a country, is not run by a great coach.”

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