LeBron James Responds To Fox Analyst Criticizing His Comments On President Trump

Jonathan Grant | February 17th, 2018

Following the mass shooting in a Florida high school, many athletes spoke out against gun control.

A month prior to this shooting, LeBron James and Kevin Durant did a segment for the show Uninterrupted where they criticized Trump for not caring about the people and his lack of leadership in running the country.


This video did not get much attention at the time it was released, but after the shooting the attention surrounding it grew and others took a stand on what they said about Trump. One of these people was Fox analyst Laura Ingraham.

Ingraham made many comments to both of them, telling them to “shut up and dribble” and “stick to sports.”

This was met with much backlash among fans and players in the NBA. Celtics forward Jaylen Brown responded by shutting down the attack on the athletes while Durant said the comments were racist.

James responded by using Instagram, posting a picture with the caption as “#wewillnotshutupanddribble.”


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Everyone has the right to have an opinion on this issue, however these comments, as many said, were out of line. Especially considering the character of both the athletes she was attacking.

Both Durant and James have been in the limelight of the sports world for avery long time and not once was their character, and moral scope as a person, questioned. Just because they are athletes does not restrict them to only being able to talk about certain topics.

Athletes use sport as a platform for have a positive influence on the world, just like many other influential people in the world do with different professions.

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