Here Is A Look At What The College Football Playoff Will Look Like

We are approaching college football playoff season and yesterday could not have been more exciting for college football fans all across the country.

The marquee matchup heading into Saturday was then ranked No. 2 Penn State at No. 6 Ohio State. While Penn State dominated for the majority of the game, Ohio State came out on top when all was said and done 39-38.

This will likely push Penn State back to the No. 6 or No. 7 position while Ohio State will move up to at least the No. 5 spot or the latter parts of the top four.

Another game, which was perhaps the biggest upset of the day was No. 25 Iowa State topping No. 4 TCU 14-7.

With Penn State losing to a team as talented as Ohio State, they will still be in the college football playoff conversation if they win out, which is a strong possibility. TCU, on the other hand, is likely out of the college football playoff with a loss to a team like Iowa State. By no means is Iowa State a bad team, they simply aren’t an Ohio State esque team who you can lose to and still have a chance at making the playoff.

No. 9 Notre Dame had, perhaps, the biggest win of the day to help their resume beating No. 14 NC State 35-14. This win will likely push them into the top four teams in the country as their only loss of the year came at the hands of an undefeated Georgia team 20-19.

With all these moving parts, it is likely that the top four teams will look something like this:

1.) Alabama
2.) Georgia
3.) Notre Dame
4.) Ohio State

Following the top four, the teams on the outside looking in will look like this:

5.) Clemson
6.) Wisconsin
7.) Penn State

With TCU falling, it is likely that this will lock out the Big 12 from playoff contention. Not a single team is undefeated and they all have beaten each other. No program has really separated themselves from the rest and made a case that they are worthy of a playoff spot.

In regards to playoff predictions, it is going to be difficult to put two teams in the college football playoff from the SEC as it sits currently. Maybe in years past this would have been a possibility, but not this year.

Alabama and Georgia are both great teams, the SEC simply does not have a difficult enough schedule to send two teams to the playoff. It is also likely that, with both teams coming out of the different subdivisions of the SEC, they will play each other for the college football playoff. Thus, one of them will be knocked off.

If any conference deserves to have two teams in the college football playoff, it is the Big Ten. Wisconsin, thus far, has not proven anything. They have not faced a single opponent with a winning record this year. Regardless, it is likely that they will represent the Big Ten West in the conference championship against Ohio State.

Outside of these two conferences, Notre Dame appears to be a lock. They have dominated many ranked opponents and only have one loss to one of the best teams in the nation.

For the final spot, it will likely be Clemson unless they were to stumble on an opponent in the last few games of the season which would open up a whole other conversation.

So right now the predictions for the college football playoff are as follows:

1.) Winner of SEC (Currently Alabama)
2.) Winner of Big Ten (Currently Ohio State)
3.) Notre Dame
4.) Clemson

If any one of the teams mentioned loses, it will give way to a second team from the Big Ten filling their spot.

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