Loyola-Chicago Licenses Sister Jean’s Name To Use On Merchandise

Jonathan Grant | March 26th, 2018

Loyola-Chicago has taken the sports world by storm over the month as they have made one of the most historic runs ever in college basketball.

Sister Jean, who serves as the chaplain of the team, has been with this team every step of the way even before the world knew who they were and has now given the school permission to use her name (and quotes) on merchandise to promote the school.


Sister Jean has become a household name for sports fans all over America, as she usually appears in a post-game interview after every contest the team has played in March Madness.

The 98-year-old nun did not ask for anything in return, she simply wanted to support her school.

“We weren’t going to do anything until she gave her blessing,” senior associate athletic director Tom Sorboro said, via ESPN . “To have Fanatics involved here and for us to be on the front page of the world’s biggest sports website is unparalleled.”

One of many shirts that were designed includes her motto with this team: “Worship. Work and Win.”

Loyola is set to take on the the Michigan Wolverines in the final four Saturday. If they were to win, they would be the first No. 11 seed to make it to the championship game.

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