Marlins, Braves Descend Into Chaos on Wednesday Night

Jonathan Grant | August 16th, 2018

The Miami Marlins are not having the best of times against the Atlanta Braves. Prior to Wednesday night’s game, they had lost three games in two days to their hosts. To make matters worse, they had just two wins in 14 games against the Braves this season, a big reason why the Braves have been able to pace the NL East for much of the season. Then, you had the matter of Ronald Acuna, Jr, who had hit home runs in five games running- including three with the fish.

Those things seem to spark a very unfortunate event. After taking a 1-0 lead in the top of the first inning, the Marlins handed the ball to pitcher Jose Urena. He’d be facing leadoff man Ronald Acuna, Jr, who would look to home run for the fourth straight time to begin the game for the Braves. He never even got that chance as Urena decided to make sure for certain that he would not touch ’em all by nailing him in the elbow with a 97 mph fastball.

Acuna went down in obvious pain, and he would later be pulled from the game despite trying to soldier on. But before that could happen, their was nearly a riot at Suntrust Park. The cowardly decision to throw a baseball by a grown man at another man caused the benches to clear. Braves manager Brian Snitker, perhaps the most unassuming man in baseball, was livid and got into the umpires’ faces. Just when law and order looked to have run its course without any fighting happening, the benches cleared again.

Snitker would be ejected after getting egged on by the Braves faithful, but for his part he did also get Urena thrown out. The umpires held a convention to decide that fate, knowing that if they did not throw him out that the game would truly turn into a medieval slug fest. Urena was gone, Acuna would soon follow him, not getting a chance to work on his streak, and ultimately it helped Miami lose again as the Braves swept the four games series with a 5-2 win.

The biggest problem here, though, is the fact that grown men are allowed to throw objects at each other for justice. Or at least perceived justice. It’s never been something that should suit well with anyone, no matter the circumstances. One of the game’s brightest young players, a kid with enthusiasm and real talent, could have seen his career- or even life- ended had it hit him in the wrong area. It’s just not acceptable behavior, and something has got to be done in order to curtail this from ever happening again.

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