Must Watch: An Emotional Reconciliation Between Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas

Jonathan Grant | December 20th, 2017

Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas were two of the most dominant forces in the NBA in the latter parts of the 20th century. While it was not common to have friends on other teams during this era, Johnson and Thomas were one of the first duos that emerged who had a very close-knit friendship despite being on different teams.

However, this all changed in in the late 1980s, when Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons played each other in two consecutive NBA finals. Both series were very hard-fought and there was even a few scuffles between the two players. When the Pistons took home the championship in 1989, it appeared that the friendship was nonexistent anymore.

Matters got even worse when Johnson admitted to keeping Thomas off the 1992 olympic dream team. Johnson said that he did this because he thought Thomas spread a rumor that he was gay or bi-sexual.

On Tuesday night, following a series of NBA games, a special was aired in which the two talked to each other.

Clearly, this was a very emotional moment for them.

This is something we don’t see everyday in sports; something that makes us step back for a second and realize that there is a lot more to sports than what happens on the court.

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