NBA Looking at Rule Changes, Gurley Gets His Wish

Jonathan Grant | August 24th, 2018

The NBA has long used the shot clock in order to keep games from being downright boring. I mean who wants to see a team play the Warriors and just hold the ball so as to not allow them to shoot it, right? One thing that has happened is that the rule itself has not changed much at all since the 1950s. That looks to be coming to an end. While the number of seconds, 24 of course, will remain the same, a new rule will make it reset to just 14 after an offensive rebound. This creates a whole new dynamic in the game. In some instances, it will force teams to shoot and give the other side an opportunity. Sources also indicate that the NBA is looking to clear up the “clear path” rule and are trying to clear up language regarding “hostile play” so that instant replay can be used to punish culprits.

The NFL season is getting ready to gear up now, and there are still battles going on for spots on the team in preseason. Once such man that has not had to deal with any of that is St. Louis Rams running back Todd Gurley. The former Georgia man has not played a single down in preseason, and he is absolutely loving it, calling it a dream come true. There are only so many hits that a player, especially a running back can take. This could be the beginning of a trend for the better players in that position.


Revenge can be sweet, sweet, sweet. And that’s what Ronald Acuna, Jr. began to get last night against the Miami Marlins. And he didn’t have to throw the ball at anyone or run someone over. He simply did what he has been doing very well lately- hitting home runs. And as far as that one goes, this was a monster of a dinger. In related news, the Braves are now pulling away in the NL East with a little over a month to go, holding a 3 game advantage over the Phillies in the division currently.

Last but not least is the news of Serena and Venus Williams potentially meeting at the US Open thanks to Thursday’s draw. And it looks like it could turn out to the be the earliest meeting between the pair at a major tournament in 20 years. If both sisters manage to win their opening two matches, they will be facing off in the third round. To spice it up even more, the winner of that potential match would possibly be playing for a place in the fourth round against #1 seed Simona Halep. Wow.

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