Oakland Closes Out With Win, Bama News Ahead of Orange Bowl

Jonathan Grant | December 25th, 2018

In what could be their final home game played in Oakland on Monday night, the Raiders got a victory over the Denver Broncos 27-14. While the win is probably not the best thing for them in the long run, seeing as how they have essentially been tanking all season long to improve to 4-11 rather quickly, the win will surely leave a smile on the faces of those fans that have stuck with the team in Oakland for years and years. Having jumped out to a 17-0 lead at half time, this game was all but over by then. The heroes of the night were Dwayne Davis, who had a 99 yard punt return for a touchdown and Doug Martin, hailing from Oakland, who had 107 yards on the ground and a touchdown of his own. When the game was over the players went straight to the “Black Hole” to celebrate with their fans and then did a victory lap. It might not be the final time, but since we don’t know where they are headed next season, it’s looking likely that the Raiders will not be in Oakland next season. It’s also looking like they won’t have such a premium picking position, either, anymore.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

In college football news, it looks Alabama are already making waves. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who was injured and chased from the SEC Championship Game earlier this month, has stated that he is good to go for the Crimson Tide at the Orange Bowl against the Oklahoma Sooners. And they might well need him to be, judging that the Sooners have a high octane offense led by Heisman winner Kyler Murray. The other big news to come out on Monday was that three players had been suspended by coach Nick Saban for the game due to a violation of team rules. One of them is a starter, so that means they will be without offensive lineman Deonte Brown in Miami. How will it, if does at all, affect the Tide in the national semi-final is anyone’s guess at this point.

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