Owens Reveals The Reason Why He Won’t Attend Hall of Fame

Jonathan Grant | July 29th, 2018

Terrell Owens’ career in the NFL was almost always a tumultuous time. From his celebration atop the Dallas Cowboys’ star to his infamous driveway workout interview he has been a constantly talking point. And to no one’s surprise, he has continued to make headlines in recent weeks. The reason he has been making the rounds of late is due to his refusal to attend the Pro Football Hall of Fame Ceremony like the rest of the inductees this year.

On the same day that the MLB will be inducting the likes of Chipper Jones and Jim Thome, two great, unassuming teammates into their Hall of Fame, Owens has stated why he has decided not to go to the August 4th ceremony in Canton. We already knew that Owens, a graduate of the University of Chattanooga, would be holding his own ceremony of sorts in Chattanooga, but now we know the specific reason why.

Texas Monthly

And it’s not a surprise in the least. It all comes down to his perceived disrespect. Owens claims that the media, which helps select players worthy enough for the Hall, lied about him and misconstrued his character. He also went on to say that a great deal of the issue he has with them was over the fact he was overlooked the first two times he was put on the ballot last year and the year before. He claims he would have happily attended if he had been, according to him, rightfully elected.

All of this makes perfect sense. We know that Owens has had his issues, but this is not a player that was ever a true ‘bad’ guy. In an era where we know whenever players make a mistake off the field, he had none that we know of, criminally or morally. He is simply responding in a manner that counters that of the media that have elected and bestowed upon him this honor. And rather than celebrate it with them, he has decided to go back home, where he actually enjoyed football the most way back when.

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