Rams Defeat Chiefs in Record-Breaking Classic

Jonathan Grant | November 20th, 2018

The Kansas City Chiefs’ trip to the Los Angeles Rams (which was supposed to take place in Mexico City up until last week) had been one of the most highly-anticipated games of a regular season in years. With all of that hype, it was bound to be a let down, right? It may well have been, but here’s the thing: it wasn’t! It was an instant classic that saw records being broke, and it felt more like a Big 12 game when it was all said and done, with the Rams winning 54-51. Yes, you are reading that correctly, and no I’m not making a typographical error.

Early on, the momentum swung to the Rams’ favor. They ran out to a 16-7 lead early in the second quarter before the Chiefs came back to go ahead 17-16. By the end of the first half, they were back where they started at 23 apiece. The third quarter was nearly all Rams, as they would put up three touchdowns and go up 40-30 at the close of play. But two touchdowns from the Chiefs in the blink of an eye gave them the lead again. With less than ten minutes to go, the Rams took a 47-44 lead as Jared Goff found Gerald Everett for a seven-yard TD after a 75 yard drive. But it wasn’t over. The Chiefs would go 65 yards and scored with under three minutes left when QB Pat Mahomes found Chris Conley for a ten yard TD. However, they had left too much time on the clock, and the explosive Rams went down the field in less than a minute, with Everett connecting with Goff yet again to give them the 54-51 lead they eventually held on to.

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Here are just some of the stats from this jaw-dropping game. To start with, this game is now the third highest scoring game in NFL history. And with the loss, the Chiefs become the first team in NFL history to score 50 and lose. Pat Mahomes, who did throw three INT’s, ended up breaking the record for most touchdowns on a Monday with six. Goff ended up airing it out for 413 yards, while Mahomes had 478. And the most damning stat: the 14 TD’s scored in the game combined were more than the Buffalo Bills (13) have had all season. Yikes.

What does the win mean? Well, it indicates where the NFL is going, for one. Expect to see more games with this type of scoring as the rules continue to evolve. As for this particular season, the game does mean a lot because it keeps the Rams (10-1) in the hunt for the top seed in the NFC. As for the Chiefs, it is their second road loss this season, but in each they have scored 40+ and have shown they are a tough team to beat. However, they need to be careful and not lose home-field advantage, or they might just end up losing on the road in the AFC.

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