Reports Suggest That Anthony Will Lift Off In Houston

Jonathan Grant | July 23rd, 2018

After a lot of speculation that Carmelo Anthony might not decide to make the best basketball decision, it appears that he will be doing the opposite. According to reports, the Atlanta Hawks man (who has been waived by the club), will be looking to sign with the Houston Rockets upon clearing waivers. But that fact has an even more astonishing fact that comes along with it. The former New York Knick will be signing for the veteran minimum in what would be a major shocker, if reports are to be believed.

Anthony, long successful at international level with the United States has grown a bit of a reputation for being an underachiever in the NBA. While it might be unfair to say that given that he did come through the same draft as LeBron James, it is fair due to the fact that he has constantly chosen to make large sums of money to play on subpar teams in his career. He did it in New York for years, and many thought he was set to do the same thing in Oklahoma City.

Twitter/Bleacher Report

That’s why we all assumed he’d head to the Miami Heat and play in his flip flops for the remaining years of his career. Because, of course he would. But that’s all been put to rest now, apparently. If these reports are to be believed, this is a real turnaround for Anthony. He’s never done anything wrong, he’s not a criminal. But this would be major redemption for him. Just to go to Houston, and to do so while taking much less money that he could would be a major shift in attitude from him.

It would show his willingness to be a third option on the team, and that is the attitude that will be required if the Rockets are to do well. On that team, he will have a chance to win an NBA title. It will not be easy, given just how dominant the Golden State Warriors are, but he will have a chance to not only change what has been thought about him in the past, but to also write his name on the list of great scorers to have won the NBA championship in his career.

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