Riley Signs New Deal, Davis Could Be Shut Down, NFL Possibly Could Widen Challenges

Jonathan Grant | January 31st, 2019

The Oklahoma Sooners took no chances of losing out on head coach Lincoln Riley on Wednesday by announcing that they had given him a fresh contract with a raise included. He will now be in the top ten among the highest paid college football coaches as a result, with his yearly salary going up from $4.8 million to a cool $6 million. He also will get extra bonuses for every year he stays as well as raises each year, too, meaning the total amount will be well over $6 million at the end of the day. Riley did get some attention, reportedly from NFL teams in the past few weeks, but he chose to brush them aside and remain at Oklahoma, where he will once again have a tremendous quarterback to call his own.

The Anthony Davis saga rumbles on now, and according to at least one source out there, he could be shut down for the rest of the season should a trade not materialize before the deadline next week. The reason that this seems to be the case right now is because the Boston Celtics cannot trade for him at the moment. Kyrie Irving and Davis each have the same sort of deals, and the NBA won’t allow both to be on the same team. Irving’s can be renegotiated after the summer, however, so that could end up being the time and the move that occurs. Right now, the only option for Boston to bring him in would be to trade him for Kyrie, which just shouldn’t and isn’t going to be happening. Sitting him out would be an interesting decision, but it’s one that does make sense given that they have to protect all the value that they can. If he won’t be around playing for them, they have to get everything they possibly can from it.

Also, according to reports, the NFL is going to be looking into allowing coaches to challenge ‘judgment calls’ in some sort of limited capacity. The move comes on the heels of one of the most egregious blown calls in the history of sports during the Saints-Rams NFC Championship Game that helped cost New Orleans a spot in the Super Bowl. Nickell Robey-Coleman clearly hit his man, Tommylee Lewis, well before the ball arrived, and has since been fined over $25K for an illegal hit. One possible idea mooted is that if a coach challenges a penalty call and loses, then his team will lose either time or will pick up a penalty themselves.

Los Angeles Times

And finally, it’s bad news for the Michigan State Spartans’ basketball team. The 18-3 team has been without junior captain Josh Langford for eight games, but they now face the prospect of missing out on him for the remainder of the season after it was officially announced that he would be shut down. Langford has a stress injury that simply needs time to heal, meaning the shooting guard that averaged 15 points a game prior to the injury will be missing for the most important games of the season. Sparty had one 13 in a row before they fell at Purdue on Sunday.

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