Rob Gronkowski Plans To Return To NFL

Jonathan Grant | March 1st, 2018

Rob Gronkowski has proven to be one of the best tight ends in the NFL. However, after the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl, he did not comment on if he will return to play the following year.

To make matters worse, Gronkowski’s house was robbed while he and his family were away at the Super Bowl in Minnesota.

“What I am told though is that he took several weeks off to kind of let loose and put football in the back of his mind and really kind of set himself free after football. He did ponder retirement. He did discuss potentially moving to another venue WWE for once –maybe Hollywood. The belief now is that those things will come after his football career. The belief now, Mike, is that Rob Gronkowski will continue his football career with the Patriots.”

While Gronkowski is one of the strongest and most powerful players in the NFL history, he has battled injury for the duration of his career. Along with injuries to his knee, he also suffered a concussion this year in the AFC championship.

Even if Gronkowski were to retire and pursue a career elsewhere, he would be extremely successful in doing so as he is one of the most recognizable athletes/personalities in sports.

On the other hand, this would take out one of the best talents in the NFL at the same time and would hurt this Patriots dynasty that is currently coming to a close in the upcoming years.

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