Serena Williams Back in Wimbledon Finals After Having Baby

Jonathan Grant | July 13th, 2018

It is no surprise to see that Serena Williams will be returning to the finals of the great Wimbledon tennis tournament. However, to see her doing it this year, after a pregnancy and a childbirth ten months ago is simply extraordinary. But that is what has taken place, as the American will once again contest a final on the grass come Saturday after she knocked off Julia Gorges, of Germany, on Thursday in the semis.

That sets up Williams for a chance to win at Wimbledon for the eighth time in her storied career, and it also means that she could win her 24th Grand Slam title over all in so doing. All of this after a layoff of some 13 months. Those of us that are not tennis fans can be gripped by this story because we have all had something relatable like this take place in our lives or those close to us. Even an injury can make us realize that what she is doing is simply incredible.

On Thursday, she lost six games against Gorges, winning 6-2, 6-4 to set herself up with a match against Angelique Kerber. Kerber, like Williams, is a former world no.1 player. In assessing the final, you have to admit that both women have been better. Kerber, now 30 years old, seemed to have mostly peeked out back in 2011. That was seven years ago. And despite Williams’ run, it must be said she’s looked a step or two off. But who wouldn’t given what she has been through, and the complications that also surrounded her pregnancy.

The last time that Williams played, though, at Wimbledon will give her confidence because it was a victory over this same opponent in the 2016 Final at the All England Club. Kerber also will have a mountain to climb having lost six of her eight matches against Williams so far. No matter what happens from here, history and legend has already been made. And that gives Williams, one of the all-time greats even more freedom to just enjoy the moment and have very little pressure on in the final.

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