Soto Only in Baseball Moment, Astros Win Late to Record 12th Straight

Baseball is a great game, and true fans of sports will recognize such. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t without its faults. It can be boring to some due to a lack of action, and the randomness of it has caused people to label crazy moments as “that’s just baseball.” One such moment took place on Monday, well kind of? The Washington Nationals took on the New York Yankees at home in a continued game that began on May 15th. Are we still on the same page?

Here’s where it gets crazy. Juan Soto, the 19 year old that only got called up on May 20th, hit a two run home run in the game. As a result, he has now been blessed with the ability to go back in time because it will be recorded as a home run on May 15th! Only in baseball can such things occur, but that is just what it is. It’s beautiful and silly at the same time, just like a game should be, in truth. The other thing that must be said about Mr. Soto’s home run against the Yankees in the victory is about the sheer distance of it. Soto hit it onto the concourse in the second deck. It was recorded at 444 feet, a Goliath shot that will have people talking for years and years about his double miraculous feat.

Elsewhere, the Houston Astros continued their own bid at history. Last season’s World Series winners have become one of the best teams in baseball thanks to smart management both on and off the field, and they now have tied their franchise record for wins (at 12) with a rally to win 5-4 in Houston over the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday. Jose Altuve, one of their most important players, helped get the job done by not even taking his bat to the on deck circle as Alex Bregman won them the game. It was his, and the team’s, second game-ending hit of the season, another classic baseball stat.

The Astros had also won 12 games running in both 1999 and in 2004. They will have a chance for 13 with Justin Verlander taking to the mound on Tuesday. The overall record for most wins in a row belongs to the Cleveland Indians, who took 22 in a row in 2017. However, the New York Baseball Giants of 1916 still hold the longest undefeated streak at 26 games, though they had a tie thrown in there. So Houston still has a long, long way to go to catch them!

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