Spurs Defeat Rockets With Harden Starring In Controversial Game

Jonathan Grant | December 4th, 2019

The Houston Rockets will not be happy with their loss on Tuesday night in San Antonio to the Spurs. As if they would ever be giddy about defeat, they surely won’t be after losing 135-133 in double overtime, especially due to the way they were denied points on a couple of occasions that ultimately ended their chances of winning the game. Despite having scored 50 points on the night, James Harden instead will be thinking about the four more he didn’t have an opportunity to score.

CBS Sports

One example of controversy came when he dunked on a fast break only to see the ball come out of the hoop, leaving the net in a strange place. The officials didn’t call it a made basket and let play carry on, denying him and the Rockets two points. Then toward the end of double OT, his reputation caught up to him, it appears. He drove down the lane down two and then got bumped, causing him to run over an opponent, causing a charging foul to be levied against him. With less than a second left, there was no time to overturn the score, and the Spurs defeated their rivals in dramatic fashion to improve to 8-14. The now 13-7 Rockets, however, are said to be looking into and hoping the NBA will award them the win since they were actually in front at the end of regulation had the dunk been counted. They also could pick up the game from that point. We’ll see how this goes, but this has the potential to be a huge story going throughout the next few days or possibly weeks.

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