Teixeira Hints He Knew of Cano’s Use of Illegal Substances

Jonathan Grant | May 18th, 2018

On Tuesday, the biggest story of the baseball season was announced. MLB had suspended Robinson Cano for using a banned substance called furosemide. That drug is not considered to be a performance enhancing drug by the association, but it is a drug that is a masking agent for others. This means that is possible, if not likely, that Cano has been or was using some form of performance enhancing drugs for an extended period of time.

The news came, and it caused an avalanche of opinions from people all over the world of baseball and the media. One of the biggest issues surrounding it was the fact that Cano had just been injured and that he would be able to serve his 80 game suspension while recovering. That fact has angered a lot of people that are baseball fans because it does make a mockery out of the league and its process.

It has seen came to light that Cano had been appealing the test since around the time of spring training. And now that he is injured, he no longer wants to fight it because the MLB will allow him to serve the time while recovering from injury. That is what has been driving fans crazy. Another thing that will bother them greatly, or at least should, is the fact that former teammate Mark Teixeira said he was “just not surprised” about the positive test and suspension.


Cano, now a Seattle Mariner, and Teixeira, now an ESPN analyst, both played together for the New York Yankees for five seasons. Teixeira would elaborate that Cano had links to some of the people who had helped provide drugs to both Melky Cabrera and the unforgettable Alex Rodriguez as well. So this is really not a huge surprise to much of anyone. The question is how does this happen? How is it allowed?

Teammates should never be narcs, at least in a perfect world, but this is making a real stain on the game, and it is going to cause fans to walk away more and more if something is not done to clean it up. Let’s just think about this. Cano will be forfeiting about $11 million that he would have made. But this positive test and the use was more than worth it as he still will be collecting over $200 million when it’s all said and done. That’s the only way to summarize this whole situation.

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