Tiger, Serena, and Dez Hit The News This Weekend

Jonathan Grant | August 25th, 2018

There’s a ton going on in the world of sports at the moment, and for the most part it is all contentious and/or controversial. One such thing that falls into that category has to do with Serena Williams. The American tennis star, who only came back from having a child months ago, has been on a rampage of late. She made headlines by going to the French Open earlier this year with a ‘catsuit’ as part of her wardrobe. This was done so that she wouldn’t have issues with blood circulation. Despite that knowledge, the tournament has announced that it plans to ban the wearing of such a suit for next year. Williams, though, for her part is not all that upset, saying she has found that tights work just fine as well.

On to other contentious news. Urban Meyer, who has been suspended for the first three games of the Ohio State Buckeyes season, has finally apologized to Courtney Smith. It’s a long and fairly complicated story, but he failed to apologize to one of his former assistant coach’s wife in a press conference earlier this week. He’s now done so on Twitter. There aren’t a lot of good things being said about him currently, and that should come as no surprise whatsoever.

Depending on who you are, contentious might just be the word to describe the apparent contract offered to Dez Bryant by the Cleveland Browns. According to various sources, it looks like he was offered the league minimum. He remains without a team having turned them down, and now has just two weeks to find a team. All of this is despite him loving the team, after taking a visit during Hard Knocks production. In other Brown-related news, Josh Gordon will be eligible to play according to the NFL.

YouTube/Hard Knocks

Last and not least is Tiger Woods, who is not having his best week of golf ever. With that said, he did make the cut at the Northern Trust Open (narrowly) to begin the first round of the PGA’s FedexCup Playoffs. He also shot his first round without a bogey in three years, so there are good strides being made. Even more impressive is the fact he was upset with his play, showing he is starting to inch back toward that Tiger of old. Right? Maybe? Time will tell.

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