Tom Brady Hand Injury Could Be A Difference Maker This Weekend

If history has proven anything, its that one of the only things that can beat the New England Patriots are themselves.

This week, as they approach the divisional round of the playoffs it seems like that might be a possibility. Not because they are not preparing enough, but due to a hand injury Tom Brady sustained from running into one of his teammates.

According to a source, Brady’s X-rays did not show any sign of structural damage. While the hit was accidental, Brady will be playing in this weekend’s match up against the Jacksonville Jaguars with an injured throwing hand.

Of course, this would not be a big deal if it was his other hand, but an injury to the throwing hand can alter any quarterback’s performance.

The 40 year-old, who has never missed a playoff game in his career and has racked up a 26-9 playoff record, has always went above and beyond what is asked of him. However, things will be more difficult for him this weekend with a broken hand.

What makes matter worse is the matchup. While the Jaguars have had their fair share of struggles on the offensive side of the ball, their defense, especially their secondary, is among the best in the NFL.

The patriots have home field advantage going for them, especially against a Jaguar team who plays the majority of their games in the south and are not used to playing in frigid conditions.

On the brightside for the Jags, the weather forecast in Foxboro that day is clear skies with a high of 51 degrees. Especially considering the cold front that has recently swept over the northern east coast, this is a big break for the Jags.

The Patriots are going to likely try to downplay this as much as they possibly can, so we will never know the extent of the injury. We just have to wait to see how Brady actually performs Sunday.

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