Top 20 Point Guards In NBA History Ranked

8. Bob Cousy

Bob Cousy is a retired point guard who played 13 seasons for the Boston Celtics. During his professional career, Cousy won six NBA championships, one in 1957, then 5 in a row from 1959 to 1963. He was the MVP in 1957, as well as a 13-time NBA All-Star. Labeled as the “Houdini of the Hardwood,” Cousy dominated the court with street basketball moves that effectively drove crowds to strictly watch him play again.

Since retiring, Cousy became a college basketball coach, but then grew bored of it and returned to the NBA to coach the Cincinnati Royals, even making a comeback as a player for one season as a player/coach. His #14 jersey was retired by the Celtics in 1963 and in 1971, he was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.