The Untold Story Behind An Unforgettable National Championship

Jonathan Grant | January 9th, 2018

Last night canvassed one of the best national championships in recent memory as the Alabama Crimson Tide topped the Georgia Bulldogs 26-23.

This game was really a tale of two halves. The first half was back and forth, but not very entertaining. Both teams traded possessions time and time again, but Georgia took advantage of all the opportunities they received. As a result, they built a 13-0 lead heading into halftime.

Jalen Hurts has done a phenomenal job all season for the Crimson Tide, but last night just was not his night. In what may be remembered as one of the most risky moves in national championship history, Alabama head coach Nick Saban benched Hurts and put in true-freshman backup quarterback, and quarterback of the future for the Crimson Tide, Tua Tagovailoa who had only played in a few games that were all blowouts.

The second half took a drastic turn. The Bulldogs held the lead for the entire game, until the last play of the game in overtime when Tagovailoa delivered a perfect pass to DeVonta Smith to secure yet another Crimson Tide national championship.

After the game, many would have expected Hurts to be bitter that he did not get the chance to lead his team to a national championship. However, he exhibited class that is hard to come by anymore in sports.

“He just stepped in and did his thing,” Hurts said. “He’s built for stuff like this. I’m so happy for him.”

Time after time Hurts gave credit to an amazing performance by his counterpart, and by the emotion he was saying it with, everyone could tell it was genuine.

“I’m a leader, and that’s what leaders do.” Hurts said. They’re there for the team.”

Not only did we see an amazing game on the field, but we were reminded what true class looks like thanks to Hurts.

Hats off to Alabama, and congrats on another national championship.

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