Warriors Beat Celtics for 10th Straight Win, Djokovic Hammers Nadal, Crosby Wins ASG MVP

Jonathan Grant | January 27th, 2019

Before the season began, a good chunk of people would have told you the NBA Finals were going to be pitting the Golden State Warriors against the Boston Celtics. On Saturday night, the pair squared off in what could well be a preview of the summer at the TD Garden. The game didn’t disappoint, with the fourth quarter proving to be highly entertaining. Coming into the final period, the Warriors had a double-digit lead. However, the home team wasn’t going to lay down. Kyrie Irving began to put on a show, scoring and passing the ball with skill and just sheer determination. It wasn’t long before the Celtics were level and the game was truly on again. But the pressure just proved to be too much in the end. Irving and co. did their best, but with Durant, Thompson, and Curry on the other side it was just too tough to get a basket every single time in order to keep up as the Warriors outlasted them 115-111. With the win, the Warriors now have won ten in a row and are 35-14 overall. What’s more scary is that they claim they can improve even more. If that’s true, look out. We’re all headed for a bumpy ride. Durant led the Warriors on the night with 33 points, while Irving had 32 in the Celtics’ loss.


The Australian Open Men’s Final came down to Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal today Down Under, and unlike the final some years ago, it was not much of a classic. Instead, it was a total walloping by Djokovic, who put the sword to Nadal in straight sets to claim yet another Grand Slam trophy. The 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 win on Sunday night gave Djokovic his seventh Australian Open title and is now third on the list for major victories all-time. Nadal, who came into the match having failed to lose a set all tournament long, could only smirk and grit his teeth at how well Djokovic played. Truly one of the best players we’ve ever seen to be able to take down a legend like Nadal like that with such ease.

The NHL All-Star festivities took place on Saturday night, and the show didn’t let down as Sidney Crosby took over and made it his night in San Jose. The Penguins forward would help lead his Metropolitan Division team to victory in two matches by scoring four goals and collecting a further three assists as he took MVP honors for the year. It seems that he loves this arena, as it was the place that he raised the Stanley Cup three years ago. Another memorable night in the career of Crosby for sure.

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