Warriors Sweep Cavs to Win NBA Finals for Second Year in a Row

Many fans and media members believe that what the Golden State Warriors have assembled is the best team in the history of basketball. For those that do believe that, Friday night was only more of a testament to that belief as they would go on to win their fourth game in a row over the Cleveland Cavaliers, by a score of 108-85, to win their second straight title and their third in four years.

Coming into this game in Cleveland, the Warriors led 3-0 and they came out in a flurry in the first quarter, erasing any ideas of a comeback from the Cavs. They won that first quarter with 11 points, opening up a lead that the home team just could not fight back against. The second quarter was then very even, all the Warriors needed at the time. And like they have done time and time again, they broke the game up in the third, winning it by 12 to take a massive lead into the the final quarter of the game.

That was just about all she wrote, and the fat lady was singing. All the cliches were being said because that was it. The series never looked like being a series after J.R. Smith’s decision in Game 1 to run toward the wrong basket. Stephen Curry would end the night with 37 points to his name, but the biggest winner was Kevin Durant. The former Texas standout scored 20 points and took home NBA Finals MVP honors for the second season running.


It should come as no surprise due to just how well he played in this series. With Curry being good and then average and good again, Durant was the one that was constantly great, and it has earned him a very much deserved honor as a result. Many felt that LeBron James could and should win the award, despite playing for the opposite side, but that is not the case. His 23 points in Game 4 along with an all-time great showing in Game 1 and two other solid games was just not enough.

Now then. Where do we go from here? The Warriors, by all indications, are a dynasty. How long can it and will it last? There were signs that this could be the beginning of the end. Great teams need a challenge sometimes, or it could get stale. It did during the regular season, and it threatened to be that way in the postseason some as well. Also, there’s the matter of where LeBron James takes his talents next. That will be an enthralling soap opera to watch over the summer as he steals headlines and media coverage just with sheer charisma alone.

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