“I went to the Syracuse versus Georgetown hoop game and an NHL Hockey game broke out!!!”

Jonathan Grant | December 15th, 2017

Take some time this weekend to catch some NCAA Men’s Basketball and you might get a look back at the humble and very raw beginnings of the Big East Conference.

It was a time when ESPN was emerging, college basketball was moving into the modern era, rivalry’s still had some bite.


Two Hall of Fame coaches not only had a fierce ongoing chess match in the earlier years, but they also had a healthy respect for hard play and each other. Moreover, the likes of Dwayne “The Pearl” Washington routinely notched things up when challenging the epitome of intimidation in Patrick Ewing. The fights were not today’s NBA “keep me back” pushing contests; there were full fist fights and true hatred that fueled the fire.

While Syracuse has somehow managed to remain a perennial basketball powerhouse, Georgetown has downsized a faded from today’s power conference venue. But rest assured that the intensity will rekindle on Saturday night. The game-speed, the test of wills, the defense at the rim will likely be on display in this respectful nod to days gone by. Sit back and enjoy today’s athletes drawing upon the ghosts of the once vaunted Big East powerhouses.

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