Jazz Defeat Blazers Controversially To End 5-Game Losing Streak

Jonathan Grant | February 8th, 2020

There are a ton of games in the NBA regular season, and sometimes we forget what one game means. Friday night’s match up between the hosting Utah Jazz and the Portland Trail Blazers was particularly big for each. For one, the Jazz came into it on the back of a five-game losing streak. For the Blazers, it was a chance to draw even closer to .500, which is going to give them an opportunity to make the playoffs. So, as you could get, there was more on the line than you might have assumed.

SLC Dunk

In the end, the Jazz won 117-114, but it was not with controversy. With just seconds remaining, Damian Lillard, who had scored 42 points already, drove to the lane and looked to have tied the game up at 116 with a lay-up that bound for the hoop. As the ball came down, it was swatted away. But no goal tending call was made, meaning that Donovan Mitchell’s own go-ahead layup proved to be enough. Bogdan Bogdanovic led the Jazz with 27 points. The story everyone is focusing on, though, is the anger at which Lillard reacted with the missed call. Might the NBA replay the ending to this one at some stage, or is it going to be swept under the rug?

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