Jokic Posts Huge Triple-Double In Jazz Victory

Jonathan Grant | February 6th, 2020

Nikola Jokic is a man we have been accustomed to expecting absurd things from. The Denver Nuggets center has defied expectations for years now, outperforming what he looks like he would be capable of. He did so once again on Wednesday night as he smashed the Utah Jazz in a 98-95 win with an historic triple-double.

Jokic scored 30 points and had ten assists, but perhaps the most impressive feat of all was the fact that he also grabbed 21 rebounds. Yes, you read that correctly- 21. In a game that was fairly low scoring for the modern regular season NBA, those rebounds swung the balance of the game in favor of his team. Though the Jazz are currently struggling right now, it’s still quite the showing from him given that his own team were short-handed on the night. He needed to be that good for them to win it, and he was. Jamal Murray putting up 31 points of his own also helped, do doubt, but make no mistake about it- this was Jokic’s game and victory. With just seven healthy players, Jokic led the way, and in doing so became just the second player in the last 35 years to score 30+ points and have 20+ rebounds in a triple-double. The Jazz got 21 from Mike Conley in coming up just a bit short on the evening at home.

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