Pats Not Interested In Dalton, Seahawks Make Clowney Offer

Jonathan Grant | March 22nd, 2020

It is a very strange time to be a sports fan. And we don’t even mean anything about the pandemic that has broken out, either. The NFL offseason has begun, and we now know that a certain quarterback will not be play for the New England Patriots. Because of Tom Brady’s decision, all eyes are now on the Pats, intently focused on which QB they ultimately go with.

One such person was rumored to be Andy Dalton, the former Cincinnati Bengals man. The ‘Red Rifle,’ however, is said to not be included, according to sources, as any of the plans of Bill Belichick. In all honesty, this should not be viewed as much of a surprise, as Dalton is considered by many to be among the more mediocre passers in the entire league. There are other players that have been mentioned, with names like Cam Newton and Jameis Winston being tossed around as possible replacements. We shall see, but we all assume Belichick has something up his wily old sleeve. Elsewhere, the Seattle Seahawks are said to have offered, allegedly, Jadeveon Clowney a deal. That deal, though, if the rumors are to be believed, is not quite up to the standard that he would like to have. The report notes that Clowney is looking for over $20 million a season, but that the Seahawks have offered a little below that. We’ll see if he decides to stay based of familiarity, or if he departs so that he can get maximum value for his services.

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