PGA Tour Off, NASCAR To Go On… For Now

Jonathan Grant | March 13th, 2020

In times like these, we need a hero. Hideki Matsuyama seems like an unlikely one, but he provided us a bit of heroics on Thursday in the opening round of the Players Championship. In the middle of the -9 round, the Japanese golfer found out, along with the other players, that the PGA Tour would see out the day with fans in attendance- but that the following three rounds would not be played with any fans watching on.

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Some feel that golf is better placed to deal with this, but you still have to wonder if this is the right call. Eventually, though, we later learned that the tournament was to be scrapped, so it is now null and void and you can disregard the emotions you may have felt. Unlike the PGA, NASCAR is going to attempt to stay ‘on track’ as well. This weekend’s race at Atlanta and the following week’s trip to Miami are said to be on, though no fans will be allowed to attend. In a time where we look like we could be starved for live sports, it’s a welcome sign, but of course only if everyone remains well and doesn’t cause others to get infected. Then, it will be an issue and will lead to severe problems and cancellations for them as well. We probably won’t see a green flag, truth be told, but we can hope. Fingers crossed on this, at least…

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