Two-Minute Drill: Jazz Considering Mitchell Move, NBA Could Change Age Requirements

Jonathan Grant | July 13th, 2022

1st Down: The Utah Jazz were, for a time, dead set on not shipping Donovan Mitchell elsewhere. Apparently, according to sources, that has changed as the team are considering the possibility by welcoming trade offers for the star. The move comes on the back of the team trading Rudy Gobert to Minnesota, so we might see a completely different looking squad to the one we have seen in years past if Mitchell joins him in departing. Mitchell, just 25, would be a steep ask for most in the league to acquire, but he has put up just shy of 24 points per game in five years and has made the All-Star team three times.

2nd Down: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has stated on the record that he would like the minimum age requirement to be changed and he also said that he was hopeful that it would be discussed as part of the next CBA agreement between the players and the owners. Silver speaking during his annual news conference, gave hope that the league might change the age from 19 to 18, thereby allowing players to come to the league straight out of high school rather than requiring them to either go to college, play in the G-League, look for a team overseas, or simply put themselves on ice for a year. The rule was changed in 2005, but prior to it a number of successes joined the league out of high school. LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, and Kobe Bryant were among those.

Eminetra Canada

3rd Down: A couple of big-time players will be returning to their respective teams when the new NHL season kicks off in a few months. Evgeni Malkin extended his contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins, agreeing to a four-year deal that will net him around $24 million. At 35, he has spent all 16 seasons with the team. Evander Kane will also be staying put as he announced he’d be with the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday. The forward has also agreed a four-year deal that will net him a little over $5 million per year. The 30 year-old scored 13 goals in 15 playoff games in 2022.

4th Down: Le’Veon Bell will not be playing football in 2022-23, stating that he would forgo the NFL and focus on boxing instead. The 30 year-old is a three-time Pro Bowler and is still very young, but it looks as if his race is effectively ran as far as professional football is concerned. He has an upcoming match with Adrian Peterson, another former running back.

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