Two-Minute Drill: Metcalf Extends With Seahawks, Taurasi Drops 30

Jonathan Grant | July 29th, 2022

1st Down: The Seattle Seahawks have had a time of it lately, but they moved to make sure one of their key players remained on the team for a few more seasons on Thursday, locking up wide receiver DK Metcalf for $72 million over three seasons. This is a little surprising given how good Metcalf is and the team’s desire to keep him around long-term as it opens him up to be a free agent at 28. However, this is a decent solution for now, as many believed he could have been on the way out this summer.

2nd Down: After news of Kyler Murray’s ‘study clause’ leaked out to the media, the team have responded as of Thursday by pulling the proverbial plug on it. Murray, who had just signed an extension with the Arizona Cardinals for a ton of money, was going to be required to study film on his own when away from the team’s official activities. After public backlash, though, the team have taken the clause out. Murray refused to back down from his position that he works hard on his own, and this should hopefully quiet some of that down.

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3rd Down: Another big clause that is said to be on the cards belongs to Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans. The former #1 pick out of Duke has struggled with injuries during his short NBA career, but the team still back him in a big way as he recent extension proved. That being said, they have moved to protect their investment by, reportedly, adding a weight clause to his deal. If Williamson is unable to keep the sum total of his weight and body fat percentage below 295, then he would lose some of his guaranteed money. This comes off the back of some worries that he had gotten too large during rehab, but it likely will get the same sort of reaction as Kyler Murray’s clause did.

4th Down: Diana Taurasi continues to amaze, with her latest performance on Thursday night showing why she’s a living legend of the game of basketball. She became the first WNBA player in the league’s history to post 30 points at the age of 40. In fact, she joined rarefied air, with Dirk Nowitzki and Michael Jordan as the only other pros to have done so. Phoenix’s 90-80 win over the LA Sparks moved them to sixth in the standings and gives the Mercury a decent shot at making the playoffs.

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